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AHLEI has granted eHotel Career College registration and authorization to provide all courses, training, and certifications. Among the numerous ways eHotel Career College is unique among educational publishers is by affixing academic accreditation to every textbook. Supported by AHLEI’s prolonged experience in hospitality education and training, these internationally acclaimed certifications provide your students with a competitive edge in the sector.

These knowledge certificates, acknowledged internationally, attest to the student’s comprehensive education and high proficiency in fundamental hospitality disciplines. For additional information, visit the product pages for these titles or examine our Table of Contents collateral.

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Acquiring additional credentials and obtaining a course certificate is possible for students. This can be accomplished by completing additional courses within a curriculum series. Academic sales managers can develop a customized curriculum in collaboration with your hospitality management personnel. In addition to earning an academic degree, your students can obtain an AHLEI program certificate.

eHotel Career College provides the following potential courses:

Diploma in Hospitality Management

Program in Hospitality Fundamentals

The Hospitality Operations Certificate

The material covered in these certificates is tailored to the individual student’s interests. It equips them with specialized technical and supervisory proficiencies that can facilitate their advancement to entry-level management roles. The included courses are:

Certificates of Specialization

These certificates provide content specific to student areas of interest. It gives them specific technical and supervisory skills, which can help them obtain entry-level management positions. The courses are:

Accounting and Financial Specialization

Food and Beverage Specialization

Rooms Division Specialization

Marketing and Sales Specialization

The account executive is available to assist you. They will assist in developing a curriculum that will permit students to earn additional certificates for your school. Alterations can be implemented to tailor the curriculum to suit individual requirements. You may enter into an Academic Partnership Agreement to formally validate your program selections.

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