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Embark on a transformative journey in the hospitality realm with our comprehensive
Training and Certification program in collaboration with the esteemed American Hotel
Lodging Education Institute (AHLEI).

Hospitality Certification Training

eHotel Career College is registered with AHLEI and authorized to offer all the courses, training, and certifications. We know that you and your team are making every effort to be industry leaders. It is possible to achieve this objective by recruiting and educating outstanding personnel, including managers, supervisors, and executives. eHotel Career College provides all-encompassing Hospitality certification and training programs to assist your property in achieving excellence.

Certified professionals are ready to confront any obstacle, which may involve conflict resolution and visitor expectation anticipation. Individuals who enroll in eHotel Career College certification and training programs gain an in-depth comprehension of the industry’s fundamental principles and ethical standards. and ethics.

Training Programs

eHotel Career College offers a wide variety of training programs from AHLEI, encompassing leadership and financial management as well as safety and sanitation, with dozens of in-person and online options.

Certificate Assessments

Examine certification programs for personnel at all levels of expertise, from entry-level to departmental leaders. eHotel Career College examinations evaluate the knowledge and experience required for a specific industry position by AHLA-established criteria.

Instructor Certifications

Examine certifications designed for professionals in the hospitality industry, including the Certified Hospitality Instructor program and the Certified Hospitality Educator (CHE®) certification, which are recognized internationally.

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Position-Specific Training Program START

Position-Specific Training Program START
The START (Skills, Tasks, and Results Training®) program comprises six training initiatives at the line level. All of these programs offer the necessary expertise and practical understanding of the field that are essential for entry-level positions in the hospitality industry. Successful completion of each program culminates in a certification examination and professional designation. Options consist of:

Guest Service Gold® Training

The Certified Guest Service Professional (CGSP®) credential is earned through the Guest Service Gold® training program of eHotel Career College. It is endorsed for implementation in all workforce programs, as it fosters the development of indispensable visitor service abilities in the hospitality sector. Two versions of the course are available:

  • Guest Service Gold®: Golden Opportunities (for hotels and other lodging establishments)
  • Guest Service Gold®: Tourism (for organizations operating within the tourism sector)

Acquire The Status Of A Registered Proctor

Grant professionals the authority to exhibit their expertise and competencies via certification. Apply to be a proctor and oversee examination sessions for certification candidates by following simple instructions.

Certification Copy Request

Are digital or physical copies of a certificate required? Fill out the following request form.

Analyze Workshops And Sessions

Tailored to educate individuals at all levels of the hospitality hierarchy. Peruse a variety of critical review seminars and sessions designed for individuals in executive-level positions as well as restaurant staff and room attendants.


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