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Providing secondary and post-secondary students with all the necessary
resources to pursue professions in the hospitality industry.

eHotel Career College is registered with AHLEI and authorized to offer all the courses, training, and certifications. AHLEI provides academic institutions with programs, certificates, textbooks, and instructor resources that equip students in secondary and tertiary education for professions in the hospitality industry. These AHLEI materials, created in collaboration with prominent industry specialists, reflect the ever-changing hospitality industry.

Almost every text in the academic catalog is accompanied by an academic certificate. Both individual and package options are available for the purchase of examinations.

Our academic sales staff serves academic institutions in the United States and Canada. For additional information, international academic institutions are encouraged to consult the International section of this website.

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The forerunner in hospitality education materials, AHLEI is acknowledged internationally. Concerning our content, AHLEI collaborates with hospitality professors and industry specialists. Following industry standards, post-secondary institutions receive high-caliber academic guidance.


Hospitality is becoming an increasingly popular Career and Technical Education concentration. Students acquire critical competencies by comprehensively understanding the industry and its numerous employment prospects, including guest service, problem-solving, career preparedness, and industry trends.

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