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Guest Service Gold: Tourism Instructor Guide DVD Package

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It only takes one negative online review to hurt your businesss reputation, especially for tourism destinations.

AHLEI’s best-selling hospitality training program addresses guest service needs of tourism businesses. The program is designed to teach employees how to deliver superior service that generates positive feedback about the destination.

The Guest Service Gold® Tourism training program includes a DVD that features clips with real-life vignettes illustrating seven key guest service elements:

  • Recovery: Turn It Around
  • Personalization: Provide an Individualized Experience
  • Knowledge: Be in the Know
  • Passion: Inspire Others
  • Commitment: Be All In
  • Inclusion: Include Everyone
  • Personality: Be Yourself

The DVD segments (presented in English and Spanish) can be viewed individually to emphasize or strengthen a particular trait or presented together as a comprehensive program. A trainer’s guide covering the topics, with procedures, discussion questions and exercises enhances the DVD content and enables customization to your organization’s policies and procedures.

Guest Service Gold® Tourism can be delivered in four hours in a group setting.

The program includes:

  • DVD (includes English and Spanish content)
  • One Trainer’s Guide
  • Additional instructions, templates and forms accessible via online portal

Guest Service Gold® Tourism helps prepare you for the Certified Guest Service Professional (CGSP) exam.

To purchase participant workbooks with accompanying certification exam scan sheet and/or for special academic and volume pricing, Sales team.

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